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Luccio Moscato new Flavors, bottles on white, featured image

Prestige Beverage Group has announced the expansion of their Luccio® lineup with the addition of two new flavored Moscatos.

Perfect for the summer months, Luccio’s refreshing and fruit-forward flavors are popular with wine drinkers. Arriving at the ideal time, currently the most sought-after flavor profiles are fruity and sweet, with pineapple snagging the top cocktail flavor. Luccio Flavored Moscatos offer consumers interesting flavors perfectly integrated with premium Italian Moscato to be enjoyed on its own, or in innovative wine based cocktails.

The Lemon Moscato and Coconut Pineapple Moscato by Luccio, imported by Prestige Beverage Group, will be on shelves nationwide this summer with an SRP of $10.99 each.

Luccio Lemon Moscato, bottle on white

Luccio Lemon Moscato

Luccio Lemon Moscato

This wine combines the floral and fruity essence of Moscato wine with zesty flavors of lemon. Delightfully sweet with a hint of effervescence.

Luccio Coconut Pineapple Moscato, bottle on white

Luccio Coconut Pineapple Moscato

Luccio Coconut Pineapple Moscato

This wine complements the floral and fruity essence of Moscato wine with a balance of coconut and pineapple flavors. Fruit forward and sweet with a hint of frizzante.

For more information, visit PrestigeBevGroup.com.

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