Fortnite dataminers have discovered the ‘heavy sniper rifle’ weapon, due to be added in the hugely popular battle royale game’s next update, which looks like it will be able to shoot through walls.

The information was first posted by StormshieldOne, which stated the gun would be able to “pierce through the first wall it hits”. The rifle’s bullets seem able to deliver a huge amount of damage, 157 points worth in fact, but this comes at the cost of a slower reload time.

If the dataminers are correct and the gun can indeed pierce through walls, this could really shake up the game. Using wooden defences could become significantly more risky, and some players on Reddit have labelled the move as “anti-building”. It will be interesting to see the gun’s impact when the weapon is added next week.

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Zhou Xiaochuan Chinese PBOC People's Bank ChinaREUTERS/Jason Lee

The Chinese yuan has weakened to its lowest levels in more than a year.
It has triggered fears that a sharp devaluation could roil markets like in 2015.
But China’s economy and global conditions are different than back then.

The Chinese yuan has been weakening–triggering fears of a sharp devaluation that could roil global markets. Should markets be worried? We see scope for the yuan to moderately depreciate through the rest of the year in response to slower growth, financial deleveraging and escalating trade tensions. The Chinese authorities are likely to rely on monetary and fiscal policy tools, rather than the currency, to manage any growth slowdown in the second half, in our view.

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Andrew Luck appears to be progressing extremely well as he continues to get back to playing shape following a lost 2017 season that began with surgery last January.Not only is he throwing with velocity, but Luck had no issues practicing Thursday and Friday before taking a scheduled day off Saturday. On Sunday he was asked how he felt physically, and his response was very positive.“No pain,” Luck said, via the Indianapolis Star. “Soreness, tiredness, for sure, and stresses are my arm that are different. [There are] stresses, shoot, on everybody’s body at this camp that are different.”He also noted that his arm is “responding well” to the work he’s put in the first two days of training camp.For Luck, the Colts and their fans, this is the best possible news they could hope to hear right now. For a while this spring, nobody really knew for sure whether he’d be able to throw a football without pain. So, the ball has been moved toward the goal line here. Now it’s time to see if Luck can score with a Week 1 start.

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