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CB Insights used a linguistic algorithm to analyze 28 quarters of earnings calls from four automakers.
GM, Ford, Daimler, and Tesla were included in the study.
Tesla spends way more time talking about robots than the other three.

CB Insights, a data analytics firm, has done something interesting: it used algorithmic analysis to crunch 28 quarter of earnings-call transcripts from General Motors, Ford, Daimler, and Tesla.

The firm was able to make some intriguing observations from scrutinizing calls from 2011-2017, but one result stands out: Tesla spends way more time taking about robots than other automakers.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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puerto ricoEUTERS/Alvin Baez

Puerto Rico has conceded that Hurricane Maria killed more than 1,400 people on the island last year, and not just the 64 in a previous official death toll.

That quiet acknowledgement came in a report submitted to Congress requesting $139 billion in federal aid to rebuild the country’s infrastructure.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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Ashley Madison is a website for married people seeking affairs. Their resident relationship expert is sex therapist Tammy Nelson.
Nelson said there are, generally speaking, two types of affairs: those in which people want to leave their primary relationship and those in which they don’t.
Other experts say people in the second category are sometimes more dissatisfied with themselves than they are with their primary relationship.

There are tons of reasons why people cheat on their partners, and tons of ways to do it.

But generally speaking, you can boil down all these affairs into two discrete categories.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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A unique look.

Earlier this month, the producer of Daemon X Machina, Kenichiro Tsukuda, said there was nothing noticeably distinctive – in terms of visuals – about a lot of modern video game releases. He said a lot of games were starting to look more similar and hoped players of his own upcoming title would appreciate its unique aesthetics.

In an interview with the Japanese website 4Gamer - translated by Nintendo Everything, Tsukuda provided more information about his project’s visual direction, explaining how the team avoided taking a more photorealistic route and instead opted with a colourful anime and comic book art style:

Read the full article on nintendolife.com

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Everything we know so far about the return of the controversial black comedy based around Paddy’s Pub.

It's Always Sunny In PhiladelphiaIt’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

The spectacle of a bunch of disparate, self-centred, back-stabbing sociopaths shouting at each other has sustained Big Brother for eighteen series so far. So it’s no wonder that It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, the black comedy sitcom following the depraved antics of The Gang running Paddy’s Pub and built on the same solid foundation of […]

The post It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia season 13: plot, cast, trailers, rumours and more appeared first on NME.

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FILE PHOTO: Flag with Airbus logo is pictured at the Airbus A380 final assembly line at Airbus headquarters in Blagnac near Toulouse, France, March 21, 2018. REUTERS/Regis DuvignauThomson Reuters

PARIS (Reuters) – Airbus issued its strongest warning yet over the impact of Britain’s departure from the European Union, saying a separation without a final deal between Britain and the EU would force it to reconsider its long-term position in the country.

In a statement issued late on Thursday, Airbus also said current plans for a transition period ending in December 2020 were too short for the planemaker to adapt its supply chain and would mean no further expansion in its UK supplier base.

(Reporting by Tim Hepher; Editing by Tom Brown)

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Here’s a timeless gardening truth — after spring cleanups are completed, and mulch is refreshed in the gardens, most homeowners do not do anything more to support or prepare their landscape for the long hot days of summer.

The reason is simple. We have escaped the winter doldrums, and spring is such a gift that we accept it gratefully and simply sit back and enjoy it. Leaves spring out, the grass grows, and trees and shrubs are flowering. We are lulled into thinking that we don’t need to do anything more. But sooner than you think, the blooms are gone, the weeds explode, and you stand there, stunned, saying “what the heck happened?”

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Martha Stewart suggests that we’ve been appreciating the wrong aspect of Bruce Willis’s career all along.
About the Roast of Bruce Willis:
Bruce Willis goes from “Die Hard” to dead on arrival as some of the biggest names in entertainment serve up punches of their own to Hollywood’s go-to action star. And with Roast Master Joseph Gordon-Levitt at the helm, nobody is leaving the dais unscathed. 

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