A unique look.

Earlier this month, the producer of Daemon X Machina, Kenichiro Tsukuda, said there was nothing noticeably distinctive – in terms of visuals – about a lot of modern video game releases. He said a lot of games were starting to look more similar and hoped players of his own upcoming title would appreciate its unique aesthetics.

In an interview with the Japanese website 4Gamer - translated by Nintendo Everything, Tsukuda provided more information about his project’s visual direction, explaining how the team avoided taking a more photorealistic route and instead opted with a colourful anime and comic book art style:

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Referring to what he called “ridiculous and unfair” tariffs on U.S. imports, Trump said, “It’s going to stop — or we’ll stop trading with them. And that’s a very profitable answer, if we have to do it.”

Regarding the elimination of tariffs, Trump confirmed that he had suggested totally free trade among the G7 during the summit, explaining that, “Ultimately, that’s what you want. You want a tariff free. You want no barriers. And you want no subsidies. Because you have some cases where countries are subsidizing industries and that’s not fair.”

“If they retaliate, they’re making a mistake,” Trump said on Saturday, meaning that he believes U.S. allies have more to lose than gain by entering into a trade war with the U.S.

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Paul Tudor Jones

“I don’t think monetary policy is sustainable, and clearly fiscal policy – Are you kidding me?!” said legendary investor, Paul Tudor Jones in an interview with Goldman Sachs’ CEO on Monday
Jones said assets are overvalued and the next recession will be “really frightening.”
“Just imagine the next recession comes. Oh my God! It’s going to be interesting,” Jones said.

Monetary and fiscal policy is unsustainable and the next recession will be “really frightening,” legendary US investor and hedge fund manager, Paul Tudor Jones, told Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein in an interview on Monday.

“I don’t think monetary policy is sustainable, and clearly fiscal policy – are you kidding me?!,” said Jones.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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